Tips to drive the safest way

No Drunk Driving

Call up a steady friend to drive you home or you can call up a taxi. Remember that drinking while driving is also a violation of law, you do not want to be charged two crimes at once, do you?

Limit Speed

Approximately a third of car accidents are happening due to over-speeding. If you require reaching to the place, wake up early! Follow speed limits in your city as it can also effectively decrease your fuel use.

Eyes Straight on the Road

If you receive a text or a call and you want to answer it, stop on the side of the road or you can turn the call to your voicemail for them to know that you are driving. And, applying make-up or eating also restrains yourself from keeping your eyes on the road.

Wear Seatbelt

This stops you from being thrown around when punching is involved. A seatbelt can save your life when you drive, you will never know when an accident comes.

Do not Beat the Red Light

Stop on red light never attempt to beat a red light, a lot of accidents appear when a person attempts to beat the light. You do not want to be executed just because you desire to beat the red light, that’s just a ridiculous idea.

Use Signals

Quick another car drivers when you are turning to the right or stopping to help them settle what to do.

Look and Check

Monitor your mirrors before you drive on the street; some cars have hidden spots so be careful in checking and looking at them one by one.

Car Spacing

Do not heed the car in front of you too almost. Drivers may abruptly turn or stop; leaving you with less time to respond.

Maintenance Check

Make sure that all parts of your vehicle are kept well. If you feel your car is ineffective for driving, have it checked by an expert mechanic or make an appointment for regular tune-ups.

Always be Prepared

There are drivers who could be idiots at times when they drive, so always be planned for drivers who turn lanes, no signals when they turn or abruptly stop for strange areas.