How Long Does It Take To Settle A Car Accident Claim?
Settle An Accident Claim

Accidents always bring a lot of stressful situations to our lives. If we luckily remain unhurt during the accident, the worries of damage expenses take away all the left moments of relief. Let us not forget our right to settle an accident claim compensation for vehicle damages and causes of injuries. Many victims give up their right to claim the compensation as soon they dig out the answer for the question of the period involved in receiving the compensation.

There can be some complex cases that require a lot of work to get settle in years. However, for straightforward cases, the settlement comes straight away in a month. Most of these case doesn’t hang up longer than months. You can contact the best claim management company to get the whole services without any hesitation.

How Fast Can I Get My Accident Claim Back?

The factors that contribute to the timeline list below:

  1. Proof of Liability
  2. Vehicle Damages & Personal Injuries
  3. Evidence of Damages
  4. Responsiveness of insurance company
  5. Offer & Settlement

Let’s go through these factors briefly:

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Car Accident Claim to get insurance money back?

Proof of Liability to Secure Vehicle Insurance

If someone hit your car that steered accident and personal injuries, they are accountable for your damages. If the incident is pretty straightforward, you are good to make a reasonable offer to your insurance provider. However, the case gets complicated when a difference of opinion appears regarding the incident caused.

If you cannot justify the other driver’s fault, your case gets stuck from your insurance company due to a lack of proof.

Continental accident management Services can help you deal with complicated cases with your insurance providers.

Vehicle Damages & Personal Injuries

The details surrounding injuries can also play a large role in how long the claim takes to settle.

Injuries play a critical role in determining the span of your car insurance claim. If you have recovered from injuries, the costs can be calculated and submit for a claim. On the other hand, if your complete recovery would take time then the total costs of claim are yet to be determined to fully claim your treatment expenses.

Evidence of Damages against Accident Claim

In some cases, it becomes hard to determine that injuries are truly caused by a car accident. If the personal injuries resulting from an accident cannot be proven, the insurance company will completely deny any sort of compensation.

In such cases, it is the best approach to take time to find a reliable doctor who can testify that injuries caused were due to a road accident.

Responsiveness of Insurance Company 

Insurance companies play the time game with every claimant. Slow responsiveness leads to the disappointment of many victims and they decide to drop their cases. Insurance companies also try to extend the period of their response when the damages are quite high.

Settlement of a Car Accidental Claim

If your insurance case went pretty forward, you would be getting a positive or negative response from your insurance provider. Either you will be accepted or they will be rejected. For the accepted cases, you will be offered a settlement. If you accept the offer, your case gets settled and resolve.

However, most of the time the offer is not worth the damages settle an accident claim. You have all right to law the actual expenses and deny the offer for the best claim and settlement. This process will consume a lot of time but you may receive the highest settlement after negotiation processes.