What Is The Safest Way To Text While Driving?
Safest Driving

How Do You Avoid Texting When Driving?

Discovering the way for the safest text while driving is an illusion. There is practically no way out here. This theory is non-existent and there is no such concept to do both things safely. It is the leading cause of car accidents claim. As per statistics, nine (9) people give up their lives daily due to distracted driving today.

But we all are very familiar with the curiosity of doing it. As soon as you are car driving, a sudden thought arrives that you would miss out on the doctor’s appointment scheduled in the evening. You think it’s the best moment to type it down on your mobile while you can continue driving the wheels. In the next minute, you realize that you had missed replying to your colleague’s text received in the morning and you decide to reply in the moments of driving the car on the roads. 

 These thoughts keep on coming while we are driving and we try our best to respond to them on our wheels. Researchers suggest that taking your eyes off from the road just for five seconds while you are driving at 55 mph would be sufficient time to travel the span of a football field unnoticed.

The UK is regulating laws to make this practice a serious offence. However, mobile-tied people yet continue to risk their lives on the wheels accidents to their loved ones.

Causes of Texting and Driving Accidents

In recent years, driving when chatting has become one of the leading causes of car crashes. Improvement in technology has its benefits, but it also has a slew of disadvantages. SMS while driving is more dangerous than driving while inebriated. The individual driving the automobile if you’re messaging is in grave danger since his mind is not on the road and his eyes are not on the road.

Cell Phone Texting While Driving Laws

It is not allowed to write or read a text message while driving. Most people carry a mobile phone or smartphone with them at all times so that they can keep in touch with others people even in the car.

Tips For Safe Driving

Text While Driving

 We are listing some of the practices that may be a bit safer:

Cars with Multimedia Steering Help Drivers to Remain Active

Many mobile-friendly apps help drivers to keep an eye on the road. Most of these apps provide voice recognition systems and google assistant features. These mobile apps can read all of your text essays.

Some of the apps also allow best car drivers to speak to your phone while the words are typed in these apps. However, the user interface of these apps is still so poor that after speaking to these apps, you have to copy the words from the app to your text messages.

Researchers predict that with the use of Artificial intelligence, some apps will be introduced in the future that will do reading and writing of text messages both on the user’s behalf in an efficient manner. These smart apps will lock down phones as soon as the vehicle surpasses the speed limits.

Bluetooth Headsets are Helpful While Driving

These accessories are quite smart and elegant. These tiny speakers sit right in your ears and you can focus on the roads while driving your way.

People are quite used to the hands-free method of receiving calls. Though, hands-free is no use when it comes to text while driving.

It’s a good way out to keep the eyes upfront on the roads. Mobiles are placed in windshield mounts on the car dashboard right in the line of sight of the road to cause less distraction from the roads. Drivers would just need a little movement of eyeballs in the same angle of sight to switch between mobile screen and windshield. But a little distraction is still a distraction on the wheels. 

Is Voice-to-Text Technology Another Distraction?

Although voice-to-text seems like a perfect solution to keep your gaze right on the roads. However, studies weigh both traditional & voice text as an equally dangerous and distracting process. 

Research suggests that human’s ability to remain alert and make quick decisions gets extremely lowered in multitasking. Researchers suggest that focusing on messages is equally distracting as typing it since it involves multitasking two different tasks. 

The distraction of even seconds can cost lives on roads. Studies also suggest that even people speak for voice to text, they do attempt to look at the phone number for a while to check if the drive is right. Thus it is assumed that voice to text is another major source of distraction for human minds.

However, yet human minds are not trained much to do multitasking. Researchers suggest that the human mind’s efficiency gets decreased to almost forty per cent during multitasking. Studies suggest that even people who are considered heavy multitaskers are not very good at paying attention to the individual task details. 

Multitasking of texting & driving right on the roads is a leading cause of death around the globe. The best practice is to pull over and park your best car to use your cell phone. Life is precious, let’s not put our and other lives in danger.

How do I Get a Vehicle Recovery After an Accident?

Traffic accidents are frequent in big cities. If you drive confidently and accurately, the accident may not happen through your fault, because a novice or careless driver driving another car. Certainly, in this situation, you must contact the best claim management company to recover vehicle damage.