Millions of people are injured in road traffic accidents, at their home, at work, at road each year. In most of the cases, the injured person can make a claim for compensation if someone else is at fault. The at fault party can be an individual person or a company or council. 

It is a complicated process to claim compensation for personal injuries. However, with the help of expert claims management companies and solicitors, you can easily claim for compensation. To claim for personal injury, you will be asked to provide some documents and information like your photo identity, date & time of the accident, location, contact details of any independent witness, details of your injuries, medical reports, your insurance cover etc. 

If because of personal injury, you were unable to continue your work and loss your earning then you can also claim for loss of earning and other financial expenses. You will be asked to provide any proof how you did loss your earning. 

Most of the solicitor firms work under “No win no Fee” agreement for personal injury claims. In this scenario, solicitors will charge you success fee if you win the case. But, the question is, How much will you pay if you lose? 

There are some options available for such legal cost which can be discussed with the solicitors before processing the claim e.g. conditional fee agreement. You do not have to pay even a single penny from your own pocket for all the legal cost in case your claim is unsuccessful if you have signed a CFA with solicitors. Previously, the legal cost was being paid by at fault party in full before April 2013. 

But, now most of the Solicitors are charging up to 25% fee of the claim (depends on their experience and success rate) in case you win the case and get your compensation. If you choose an inexperienced authority to process your claim, you can although save some money (in case you win) but you may not get this chance because you may lose the case or it may take longer than usual period to get your entitled compensations and you may even want to withdraw your claim because of their lack of interest and lack of customer care services. 

Continental Car Hire to the help of specialist personal injury solicitors nation wide London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds etc. If you are occupied in an accident that caused supportive always proactive, Continental Car Hire as an Accident Management Company covers everything from the first reporting of an accident to get your vehicle back on the road. you to become injured, such as by misery whiplash or any other physical problem, Continental Car Hire will help you with your personal injury claim with the qualified solicitors, guiding you through the whole process and assisting you in achieving a successful resolution. 

Continental Car Hire aims is to offer our clients best in class service in our market. We accept as true in offering a high quality, pro-active and alert service to exceed client expectation always 

Continental Accident Claims management is here to help you in the event of you hurting some sort of personal injury and considering of getting accident damages claim. You may be designated to execute an accident claim for various accidents such as road traffic accidents, job accidents, glide, drug, and pitches, plays injuries and whiplash injuries but Continental Accident claims Management assists to those who are not at fault clients in case of car accident. 

If you are endeavoring to claim for damages and not sure how to proceed, then we are here to provide you the accident claims help. We provide advice, an initial meeting by phone, have our own in-house personal injury solicitors with times of effort and a team of advisors that can facilitate you with courtesy car services and other claims regarding the accident to collect from the third party. 

If you have been concerned in an accident and have hurt from whiplash injuries, Continental Car Hire is here to support. Our professional solicitors have vast experience in supporting their clients obtain compensation for their whiplash injures. 

A personal injury is claimed when you have been injured in an accident that was induced as an outcome of someone else’s carelessness, or a violation of their rightful responsibility. Various sorts of personal injury claim these can be, whiplash injuries, accidents at work or in public places, slips and trips and accidents traveling or on holiday. 

Multiple sever time limits inside which you should start juridical action in personal injury claim. These time limits fluctuate and can be influenced by the accident causes and the essence of your injuries. In disastrous accident claims, the deportee’s financial charges or personal legislators can claim for loss of growth, for example, if the family’s single supporter has died. 

Therefore it is so essential to keep contact with claims management company as like Continental Car Hire or personal injury solicitor at your earliest following an accident or injury. A claim management Company makes claim for your compensation or able to advise you on which time limits apply to your claim. 



Actually, the several common reasons for whiplash injuries are car accidents, although alike indications can result from a scale of other accidents, including tours and lapses, entertainment park rides and extreme festivities. Whatever the reason, our attorney-at-law have sold with numberless claims for whiplash, and know specifically how to maximize your possibilities of gaining compensation for this type of injury.
If you are looking forward to a personal injury solicitor who specializes in whiplash settlement, look no besides. We are here to aid you through the process from start to close.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a simple muscle injury to the head, neck, shoulders or back following an unexpected speedup-deceleration power. It is a severe state, usually involving stiffness of movement and tightening of the muscles, ligaments or tendons and can badly affect your mobility. These symptoms are not always immediately visible; they often increase after a period of time has passed since the accident, for example, a few days later.
Sometimes the outcomes of whiplash are only abrupt, making difficulty and pain to family routines and spreading. For others, whiplash can start to long-term pain and distress and in severe circumstances, handicap; these severe cases can also stop the victim from working, which results in a loss of income. Given the possible importance of whiplash injuries, it is important to get medical inspection as soon as possible after the accident, particularly if signs become obvious; getting early treatment can have an important positive impression on the restorative process.