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There are no lengthy forms to fill out. 

You will be requested to sign the following documents for the replacement car:

  1. Car Hire Agreement
  2. Short Term Delivery/Collection Rental Agreement
  3. Storage Agreement (if provided)
  4. A Statement of Truth for Impecuniosity

We will require the following documents from you:

  1. Driving Documents
  2. Vehicle Documents
  3. Any other documents if required by third-party insurance firms.

All the up-to-date relevant information and documents are mostly required to process a claim smoothly with sufficient evidence for all traits that include hiring, impecuniosity, and being legally capable to drive an insured car. 

If your vehicle is non-drivable and you have provided us with the relevant documents for the replacement car hire service, you will get the replacement car within the same working day. In case of some unavoidable issues, we will deliver the vehicle in 24 hours’ time.

Credit hire is giving vehicles to customers on credit. The company providing the hire vehicle provides you with the credit for your damages instead of you paying for the hire charges. Generally, it means to recover costs from the insurance of the at-fault party. 

Continental Car Hire Ltd will recover all the expenses of storage charges, recovery of the vehicle, repair services, and credit hire vehicle services from an at-fault party insurance provider. You would not be paying a single pence for using these services. However, you would help us to recover these costs from third-party insurance providers.

It depends on the date of the breach. In case the date falls in the rental agreement’s period, then you will be asked to pay penalty charges from your pockets on the due date. If this does not fall in the rental agreement period, you will not be liable to pay penalty charge notices.

We have hi-tech vehicle workshops with multi-inspection facilitates under the supervision of professional mechanical engineers to provide you with exemplary vehicle repairs services after a non-fault accident. We are ensuring high-quality services at low costs as we are not accountable to any insurance companies. However, you can still choose any other garage of your own choice.

Continental Car Hire Ltd is a leading accident management services Provider Company with in-house claim & settlement experts to process claims. Continental Car Hire Ltd sends all of your expenses settlements to the insurance company of the at-fault driver on your behalf.  

Continental Car Hire has a fleet of vehicles and you will be offered to have like-to-like car replacements e-g., if you have a spacious hatchback PCO/PHV, you will be offered a hatchback. Similarly, for a prestige car, you will be provided with a prestige car. However, it is subject to the availability of fleet e-g… if you own an old prestige vehicle, we may not serve you with likewise replacement but still, we ensure to give you the best vehicle for social, entertainment, and fun purposes.

You will be requested to return the vehicle to mitigate the losses and shall be offered again once you are back in the country. We will be requesting to return the vehicle to avoid major losses. We will be happy to serve you once you are back in the country.

Yes, you can change the courtesy car or credit hire car with any other like-to-like vehicle from our offices. Yes, you can change the vehicle with any likewise model. You can choose from any like to like vehicle from our fleet. 

We keep our clients fully updated throughout the claim process. Our highly skilled claim experts will update you through SMS & email alerts. Our experts will also contact you via call in case of urgent matters.

Give Us a Call and get rid of these worries. We are providing safe vehicle- towing services to our vehicle storages vicinity in London. We are having ample sized storage bays with twenty-four hours of surveillance through extensively installed CCTV cameras. Our vehicle storage vicinity is in a fully de-humidified & well-maintained environment.

We welcome all types of feedback on our services and improvements. We ensure an optimum response as soon as possible. If you have any complaints regarding claims or you are not satisfied with the services of our employees, please send us an email at feedback@continentalcarhire.co.uk.

Credit Hire Vehicle

If you met a road accident which wasn’t your fault and your vehicle condition is un-drivable, you can contact an accident management or credit hire company to get like to like a vehicle without paying any fees so you keep on moving to your work. The credit hire company arranges a likewise vehicle for you upon your request until you get the money to repair your own vehicle from the insurance company of the at-fault’s party. As soon your vehicle gets repaired, you will be returning the credit hire vehicle back to the company. In the next steps, credit hire companies claim experts will pursue to recover the vehicle credit hire costs from the at-fault party’s insurance.

Courtesy Car

In case your vehicle is in a workshop or garage for repairing works due to a road traffic accident. You can request a courtesy car from a credit hire company to avoid interruptions in your daily work routine. You will return the courtesy car once your vehicle is ready to use. Mostly the car workshops will offer themselves a courtesy car to their customers. In case they don’t, credit hire companies can provide you with courtesy cars.

If you met a road accident and want a credit hire vehicle. You must ensure the following:

  1. The accident wasn’t your fault
  2. Your vehicle is clearly damaged and is un-drivable
  3. You don’t have any alternative vehicle
  4. You don’t have sufficient funds to repair your damaged vehicle without suffering a deficit.

If all the above conditions apply to you, you can avail the credit hire vehicle services.

Don’t miss asking this most important question:

Will I be required to pay car hire charges or in what situations will I be responsible?

Credit hire companies will not charge any fee in most cases and they will be recovering the total costs from insurance companies of at-fault parties. However, some may charge some fees which should be clarified by asking the detail of car hire charges prior to availing of credit hire services. However, if you intentionally provided the wrong details of the accident while you were at fault and the other party was innocent or in the case where you stopped cooperating with the company at later stages, the credit hire company will only then charge you for all of the services expenses.

Since credit hire companies need your cooperation to gather out details to recover the expenses from third parties. It’s best to help them as they helped you when you were in financial need.

Credit hire companies are at stake of losing the claims on your behalf or they might fail on your case in between settlements. The credit hires companies usually get the money of the claim mostly at end of credit hire periods which are usually for months or even years. However, cash hire companies charge the customer on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and bear no risk of losing a single pence.