Credit Hire Cars Services

Credit hire cars services keep you moving on the roads at replacement vehicles after an accident. You don’t have to pay a single pence here. Insurance providers of the at-fault party will be paying out the bills. This service lets accident victims keep wheeling to offices on replacement cars without any expense until they get theirs own fixed back.


The checklist for getting the service is very simple. The eligibility is based on three simple checks:

  • The car accident wasn’t your fault.
  • The at-fault driver is insured.
  • You don’t have another vehicle and you need a replacement vehicle to keep moving on roads.

These credit hire companies to work out where you are blameless in an accident. They will settle all of your expenses from the at-fault party’s insurance including your credit hire cars services and vehicle repair costs. They will also be willing to compensate for your personal injuries too unless you were not responsible for the accident. Furthermore, all of your legal proceedings from the other party will be tackled by your hired company. You don’t have to deal with any mess here.

Why should I choose These Credit Hire Services?

Here is a complete picture of what you can get through these credit hire services. You got into an accident and your vehicle is no more drivable. You have an urgent meeting the next day and still have to deal with vehicle repair works. You tried to contact your insurance provider for a courtesy car availability but they denied it. You tried also to contact your mechanic for vehicle towing service but they were not responding at that moment.
You are left with two choices here. You get a taxi on the road and start chasing up the vehicle rentals and car repairs at your own expense. The other way, you call up companies to do these tasks for you without paying a single pence. These companies will first ensure you weren’t the cause of the accident and provide you with credit hire cars services while they chase up claims to the at-fault party’s insurer. In most cases, you will be signing an agreement to accept liability for costs of hire and repair in case, you get blaming for the accident.

How to Choose the Best Credit Car Hire Company?

The real question is to differentiate between good and bad credit car hire companies. Like the case of good and back insurance companies, some of these companies might claim the higher rates while providing you with little compensation. Some companies make initial rates settlements with insurers and make a profit on handling such cases. In such cases, these companies may charge you the services.
To avoid falling into the traps of these fake credit hire companies, you must hire a reliable and trustworthy company. Continental Car is providing premium credit hire services. We have an extensive portfolio of in-house solicitors who are well-experienced in handling accident claim procedures.

Available Luxury Credit Vehicles at Continental Car Hire

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