The Accident Management industry came into existence in the 1980s to address the problem of innocent motorists having to pay upfront for a replacement car after a collision, and wait weeks or even months to be reimbursed by the at-fault party’s insurer.

Most of the consumers assume that because they have paid insurance premiums regularly for an insurance policy so any such road traffic accident shall be taken care of and in their best interests by their insurance companies. A normal expectation in case of faulty Road Traffic Accident.

When an accident is our fault we know we are going to pay the excess, we know our no claims bonus is history and we are ok about this because it’s better than the financial alternative especially if the accident is a bad one. After all, we were paying our insurance companies for such situations.

When an accident is not our fault why should we lose our no claims bonus and pay our excess. Even Insurance company may recover that excess after few month or a year. But, why should we pay anything from our pocket to put an extra pressure on our managed budget on spot. Most of the time, clients have to wait for like to like replacement vehicle.

So the question is, what to do in case of non fault Road Traffic Accident? Consumer can choose a highly professional Credit Hire Company providing Accident Management Services for like to like replacement vehicle within few hours, Recovery of the vehicle from the spot of accident and secure storage without paying even a single pence from your pocket.

Road traffic accidents: Usually leave you with some form of personal injury, which can be mental or physical and as minor as cuts and grazes to broken bones. If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by somebody else in the last three years, you are legally entitled to claim for financial compensation for the pain suffered and if appropriate, to cover any financial losses such as earnings, damage to your vehicle and personal property.

Continental Car Hire provides

Professional and legal assistance while making a claim. We offer following services for our clients. As a responsible accident management company, we have taken several initiatives to identify and discourage fraudulent cases from day first. We have a proper mechanism to analyze a case before taking up for claim. Some unregistered accident management companies have been damaging business repute by deceiving people e.g. crashing for cash claims, inducing people to claim for personal injury like for minor whiplashes, presenting repairable cheque as total loss settlement and then purchasing client’s damaged repairable vehicles in pennies or sometime in nothing, Sometime claiming for hire charges from third party insurances without giving a vehicle to the client with a mutual consent and so on.

Most of accident management companies have low resources or limited fleet (few cars) with limited non or semi professional staff which is spoiling customer experience. They are trying their best but due to limited resources they are unintentionally building walls between accident management companies and needy clients.

One of the Leading Accident Management company

Few accident management companies like Continental car hire Ltd – One of leading accident management company, do have a large fleet, highly professional staff and significant resources to entertain clients on time without any wastage of time. E.g. we have a vast storage capacity, a large up-to date fleet including small cars, medium saloon cars, multiple purpose vehicles, 4×4 vehicles and sports cars to cater almost all type of replacement requests, recovery facility around the clock, and highly trained and experienced professionals for processing claims to win timely compensations smoothly, socially responsible vision for the betterment of the society encouraging healthy business practices.

Accidents are worrying and upsetting, we have a resolution of ensure your fleet residue on the road without any main disruptions to you. We take care and make certain that you are supported during this often annoying process.

Following road traffic accident if someone victim to an innocent, Continental Car Hire from 24/7 reported to arrange for good services to the innocent drivers, Continental Car Hire (Accident Management Company) has on-demand access to a big fleet of vehicles of all varieties, including the latest models from all of the major brands and manufacturers, supervision the repair work few hours, Recovery of the vehicle from the spot of accident and secure storage without paying even a single pence from your pocket and includes managing and negotiating repairs and getting maximum payout from third parties.

We deal with the formalities efficiently. We take care of different managerial responsibilities which are sourcing credit repairs and replacement vehicles storage personal injury loss of earning loss of use inspection etc, and liaising with insurance providers.

If someone is occupied in a traffic accident –could be anywhere in England– and he contacts with accident management company and create a car accident claim, that person may very well be educated or his accident management company as well that his vehicle is an abandon or his vehicle is so damaged that it is dangerous to go back on the road.

We as Continental Car Hire company aspire is to provide the incredible services which make clients feel like nothing happened before, only followed by non-fault accident to be rewarded for whatever they lost in accident, for instance, credit hire, personal injury, recovery, garages, inspection, Loss of use days, credit repair (vehicle damage cheaque), loss of earning etc which would be recovered by third party insurance with the utmost efforts

It does not make a difference what sort of vehicle you have or drive, Continental Car Hire Company’s maximum efforts to find a like to like replacement vehicle that is as seems to like your vehicle engine size of your personal.

We present to non-fault clients a large range of vehicles, prestige vehicles, MPVs, 4 by 4 and standard vehicles as well, so they can be certain that you will entertain the type of vehicle you require.

We as Claim Management Company effort to recover the entire costs related to your claim, so provided you have supplied us with a clear and honest report of the procedures regarding your non-fault accident, In this regards non-faulty clients will have utterly not anything to pay for Continental Car Hire company services.

Due to an accident, you may be suffered multiple things

  •  Your vehicle
  • Your physical health
  • Loss of use
  • Loss of income and mental hyper amativeness.

Our desire is to always sort out of our clients acquiescent, we do not assist or back to those who are at fault in an accident. We always offer our services to the, not at fault clients and never support them to get extra money from third-party by providing false information.
If anyone found non-faulty in a car accident and does have the insurance policy just ring up the Continental Car Hire for claims and replacement vehicle at the earliest.

Most of Accident Claims Management Companies consist of an entire accident management service for the individual customer within insurance brokers, recovery companies, taxi firms, fleet managers and body shops.

Accident Claims Management

Accident Claims Management wouldn’t be if insurance companies delivered the services they charge us for and are legally bound to provide: Replacement vehicle if needed. Proper repair at the garage / storage of your choice. Useful recovery of losses etc.

If a driver involves in a not at fault accident and considers innocent, meanwhile Accident Management certain of success, they provide a replacement car if required, manage repair, recovery, storage, personal injury, loss of use, loss of earning and inspection. later on, they collect all these damages values from the third-party.

The innocent driver would not be liable for any cost. They try to mitigate costs as much as possible because the third party’s insurance company would challenge every penny.

All the leading Claims Management are the UK’s Accident Management Company striving exceptional service for both private customers and corporate clients following an accident.

Continental Car Hire has a quality of services, can be design to each individual’s requirements, reducing the intensity following an accident. .

Continental Car Hire only ever does in your best interests, assuring you take the extraordinary likely standards of customer service you justify and the main focus is the best quality of our customer service and assuring that clients experience the most dynamic range through the claim process.

We grab all the trouble away from you after an accident and present the best services containing recovery and storage of your vehicle if required, presenting you with a replacement vehicle, managing repairs to your vehicle at either a Body shop of your preference or at one of our recommended repairers or recovering the Pre-Accident impression if your vehicle is a Total Loss.

At the time of scrutinizing claims, we have friendly industry gurus to either accept the case after measuring on set parameters or giving a most valuable expert advice to the clients which serves as a future of the claim. As a responsible accident management company, we discourage people to claim any staged accidents, ghost personal injuries, minor whiplashes and exaggerated damages to earn unlawful and unethical money. We have UK’s top engineering companies in our engineering panel for independent vehicle inspections whose assessments are being widely accepted by almost all insurance companies. We have top solicitors in our panel for legal aid in processing claims.