Continental Car Hire Limited Getting You Back Safely On Roads About Us Car Damage Claim Our team of experts will carry out all the claims procedures for personal injuries and vehicle damages on your behalf. Dots Ball Continental Car Hire Limited Free of Cost Legal Support Credit Hire Legal Support Zero fees for un-successful legal attempts. Free medical assistance & injury solutions
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Continental Car Hire Limited Fleet of Vehicles for Credit Hire Services Credit Hire We are here to provide you the best vehicles from our fleet until you get yours repaired back. Our fleet includes executive saloons, medium cars, small cars, normal saloons, people carriers & super sports cars. Dots Ball Continental Car Hire Limited Full Fledge Accident Management Assistance Credit Hire We provide our services in acquiring the best compensation for personal injuries & vehicle damages incurred due to an accident. Dots Ball
UK’s Pioneer Accident Management Services Provider

Welcome to Continental Car Hire

Continental Car Hire Ltd was formed in August 2004. The firm enjoys solid business foundations, substantial financial growth and esteemed professional integrity among the credit hire companies in the United Kingdom. Continental Car Hire is the best vehicle recovery company in London. We provide comprehensive breakdown recovery services. We take pride in also being one of the best vehicle rentals all over the United Kingdom.

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We Promise



Highly Experienced In-House Legal Team for Claims Compensation

Fully Qualified Panel Solicitors

Our finance department is fully capable to find smart financial solutions to save you a lot amount of money

Extensive Fleet of Vehicles

Our fleet has a robust collection of executive saloons.

Serving Thousands of Clients

Served thousands of clients to date. Adding 10 new affordable offers every day & providing exclusive 350 offers.

Private Hire Driver (PCO)

Our PCO licensed vehicles are available round the clock to ensure the maximum comfortability of our clients.

Had an accident? Your fault! / Not !

Don’t put yourself under stress because we are providing our services for all types of accident cases. We are ready to help you out here.

Claims Management Company

Continental Car Hire Ltd is one of the leading claims management company in and around London. As a claims management company, we have our in-house state of the art and highly professional claims processing department. 


Our Client Reviews

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