As a part of total accident management services, we have our own hi-tech garage to repair the vehicles damaged in a road traffic accident. We have specialised engineers to reconstruct your vehicle with high quality and low cost as compared to the local market.

We have our own in-house hi-tech garage and highly professional engineers to repair the vehicle damages impeccably following a non-fault road traffic accident. However, to win customer's trust and transparency, it is customer's own consent to get the vehicle repaired from anywhere else. In case of a repairable damage we can obtain authority and arrange repairs to your vehicle through our authorised repair garages.

If your vehicle has been beyond economical repairs we can arrange for your vehicle to be disposed off with no extra charges.We provide an extraordinary road accidental damage repair and refinishing, bodywork and resprays, entire rebuilds, dent removal, wheel upkeep and scratch and chip repairs. We've got an high-quality reputation for customer service and we pleasure ourselves in presenting most important dealer nice at local garage expenses. With our notably skilled crew of mechanics, you won't find a higher car restore carrier in UK or beyond.

Repairs will take region locally to you at one of our accredited repairers, and your vehicle will be returned to you simplest to your whole pleasure with the paintings performed. continental additionally gives you the ability of being capable of pick out the repairer if you desire.

Sadly, accidents occur, even to qualified motorists/ drivers. Although if you are affected by a crash, Continental Car Hire has the advantage of the very latest repairer centre to guard your vehicle properly.

In the case of an accident and your vehicle has been wrecked, stay guaranteed: Continental Car Hire Repair Centre is the best place to have it rebuilt to its pre-accident state.

You have the right to decide where your vehicle is repaired, even if your insurer contains an authorized repairer scheme and tries to tell you otherwise.

Continental Credit Hire Company as a recovery service provider and garages having developed system that assists those who are non-fault in an accident, collect your vehicle from the place of your accident. Inspection team presents the damages report, if damages are in condition to repairable to its pre-accident condition managed efficiently soon for the easiest of the clients. Continental Credit Hire Company provide a replacement hire car for the client to use in the interim.

If anyone stated as a non-fault in an accident, Continental Credit Repairs presents complete repair solution with the approved manufacturer repairers to the client as they are well-known for their highest standard.

Following a road traffic accident, if someone found innocent after assessing the measure of damages are all recovered from third-party on behalf of the client.

In the legal prospect, if engineer report conveys that vehicle is road-worth and driveable than you can on the road.

If engineer report consists facts, damage of the vehicle such as indicators, lights or some able to see or slight to its direction-finding or suspension so that vehicle cannot be movable on the road.

Sometimes due to an accident, your car not driveable to your place or any other secure locations even as you put in order the repairs. Occasionally accident seems like personal injury, in these circumstances Continental Credit Hire helps to the innocent drivers professionally.

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