Non- Fault Car Accident Claim Compensation And Follow Up Procedure.

Have you been damaged in a car accident?

We can help you make a car accident claim damages. If you have been affected in a non-fault car accident in the UK Continental Car Hire as accident claim management company here to help you by providing claim compensation for yourself, recovery of your car and get your car repaired.

Have you been injured in a road accident?

Whether you have wounds and abrasions, whiplash pain or further severe injuries such as head injury or back injury, we are here to help you claim compensation. We are working with personal injuries solicitors have many years of experience in dealing with personal injury claims, and every year help thousands of people claim back the costs associated with being injured in a non-fault car accident.

Our compensation claim service is cost-free and without risk***

We promise that you will receive 100% of your car accident compensation. If your claim is successful all costs are seized from the other party. If you lose your case, you will still have nothing to pay.

Need a replacement vehicle?

If you have been concerned in a car accident that wasn't your fault, we normally provide a replacement vehicle to you within hours**. You will not be priced for any of the charges with this service, as we will be recovered from the person at fault's insurance company.

Does your car need to be repaired?

If you have third-party insurance, or even if you have comprehensive insurance and decide you do not want to claim on your policy, you do not have to. All replacement car and repair costs, storage cost, personal injury, inspection, loss of earning, loss of use etc, will be recovered from the person at fault's insurance company.

Do you have any other losses or expenses?

As part of our service, we can also assist you to recover other losses such as your insurance excess (should you choose to claim on your policy for damage to your car). These could include: