Credit Hire

What Is Credit Hire?

Interestingly Credit Hire companies were established in the 1980s to give innocent drivers replacement vehicles on credit after an accident. Credit hire is a specific term many people may unaware despite it being an ordinary process in the insurance world. Following a road traffic accident, someone needs a replacement/credit hire vehicle while the own car is unroadworthy and/or being repaired. So what is the credit hire in actual sense? It's when a hire vehicle is given on credit, but rather than paying upfront for hire charges, the company giving the hire vehicle provides credit for the charges being accrued. The company then seeks to recover its costs directly from the insurer of the person at fault for the accident. So in most cases, the individual who had the hire car never pays the bill. We can define credit hire services in different prospects, credit hire set up a shield to those who are guiltless martyrs not at fault accidents. They recover reimbursement of damages from the at-fault party insurance or certainly from their own.

What We Do?

As a leading Accident Management Company, we have a large up-to-date fleet for you to give you a hire car on credit in case of non-fault road traffic accident. We have most of our fleet less than 3 years old. We do have super sports and luxury vehicles in our fleet along with PCO vehicles, Council plate vehicles, executive and normal Saloons, MPVs and hatchback vehicles. Continental Car Hire Ltd also provides taxis in replacement. We are PHV/PCO specialist credit hire operator. Continental Car Hire knows all the do's and Don'ts much better than anyone else in the Accident Management and Credit Hire industry.

Our success rate of recovering the losses is more than 90%. We have a vast range of almost all types of new vehicles at its disposal. We are PCO (Public Carriage Office) and PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) specialist with nationwide coverage. At Continental Car Hire Ltd, we are offering all the accident management services like Vehicle recovery, storage, replacement car, damage inspection, closely and highly professional liaising with insurers and other parties involved, personal injury and recovery of all the losses following a road traffic collision/accident.

Most of the accident management companies only deal with a non-fault party in a road traffic accidents. But, we are offering free expert advice for everyone involved in an accident. We are highly professional to deal with road traffic accidents and a friendly customer oriented service to ensure that we get you back on the road in few hours. We do closely work with all Insurers, brokers and UK's top solicitors to find the most suitable solution for our clients. At Continental Car Hire, we have a great deal of experience in dealing with credit hire claims and can advise you on all aspects of the process. Please feel free to contact us by any of the available methods for further information.

Usually large credit hire companies like Continental car hire to hold proper up to date fleet to cater any type of credit hire requirement. Most of the credit hire companies in England have less than ten vehicles available for credit hire which do not fulfill the need of vehicle replacement. e.g. If the vehicle is S class Mercedes or latest BMW model or latest Mercedes Vito or Viano, Chevrolet or any other renowned luxury brand vehicle requiring replacement because significant damages in a road traffic accident then most of the credit hire companies will not be able to supply such like to like credit hire vehicle.

Credit hire companies normally keep middle-aged economical vehicles like Toyota Prius, Ford Galaxy, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Insignia, Vauxhall Zafira, Vauxhall Astra, Renault Grande Scenic, Seat Alhambra, Peugeot3008 etc for replacement of social domestic purpose, private hire vehicle and/or PCO vehicle.

It is almost impossible for credit hire operators to keep all type of vehicle in a large quantity at a time for vehicle replacement as a credit hire vehicle. Therefore, the crux is to arrange a like to like credit hire vehicle. There are several measures to compare a vehicle e.g. engine size, the price of the vehicle, mileage, year of vehicle registration, make and model etc. It is best but not necessary to provide a vehicle with same make and model and year of registration.

There are some important points to consider while getting a credit hire vehicle from a credit hire operators like the need of hire. For example, If you have a luxury vehicle then you may have sufficient money with yourself to repair your own vehicle without taking a credit hire vehicle. But, if you do not have money for repair and you are not having any other vehicle which can fulfill your need then you can definitely take a credit hire vehicle. Further, you cannot get a credit hire vehicle if you were at fault in road traffic accident.

Credit hire companies like Continental Car Hire are there only to help the not-at-fault party. We do not give only a credit hire vehicle but a peace of mind and comfort along with other services to the no-at-fault victim. Remember, if you were not-at-fault in a road traffic accident, you have the best option to use continental car hire LTD- a credit hire company instead of claiming through your own insurance providers.

We provide an instant credit hire vehicle in replacement while yours is in garage or storage. In this way, you will save the cost of excess fee at first step. Your own insurance provider will only need to be reported about the accident and credit hire provider can do this job too on your behalf for complete peace of mind. But if you decide to claim through your own insurance provider instead of a credit hire company, they may require you to pay the excess fee and may affect your no claim bonus and future premium may also pile up. Therefore, the wise decision is to choose Continental car hire for credit hire vehicle replacement.

Credit described in different forms, Continental Car Hire Accident Management company providing credit car services if someone concerned in a no-fault accident Continental Credit Hire ensures a temporary replacement vehicle as well as a vehicle repair service.

prefer our Accident Management service and skills how simple we make replacement vehicle rental. Continental Accident Management service means we can carry the replacement vehicle to the client, making things easy and stress-free at the same time as their car being repaired. Continental Credit Hire always look into what you’re actually being offered, provides you with a replacement and have you sign for it. Credit hire agreements legally enforceable from the Consumer Credit Act. Once the hire is over, Continental Credit Hire send an invoice of the daily charges – starting at per day amount– over to the insurer of whoever was at fault for the accident.

Continental Credit Hire proposes this service and gracefully presents accident replacement vehicles to their clients letting them continue with their daily basis requirement or business. Continental Credit Hire redeem reimbursement and rental charges from the at fault party. Continental Credit Hire endeavor a full range of like to like vehicles containing PCO vehicles and Personal Vehicles (SDP).

Continental Credit Hire tries for maximum customer satisfaction a like for like service, means we replace your vehicle with the same vehicle. Continental Credit Hire regards the GTA or General Terms of Agreement religiously. Credit hire and insurance companies agree daily hire rates under the Association of British Insurers' General Tariff Agreement. Under this agreement, "at-fault" party's insurance arranges car-hire at the agreed daily hire rates.

A claim for car hire charges is only executed toward at fault client insurance. Continental Credit Hire demands to sign a credit hire agreement while providing a replacement vehicle. We happy to help replace your vehicle if you demand it. We empower you for like to like replacement vehicle if you have been affected in a non-fault accident.

Once we have observed that this is a non-fault accident, damaged vehicle to be examined and restored at our preferred garage or one of the nationwide approved repairers and collects all of these damages costs, the cost of hire and other different expenses, spontaneously from the neglectful driver's insurance company. We do provide the advantage of a swift and cost-effective repair service without surplus loss to the insurer.

Continental Credit Hire provides services after completion of some required documentation.

1-Must be no doubt about to liability.

2-Without suffering any financial hindrance the person who had accident could not have compensated for a substitute vehicle. After the substantiation that the driver has no other alike extra vehicle.

3-For duration of the period of loss of use of the damaged vehicle, if the vehicle is safe and drivable this may only be for the period during which repairs are actually being undertaken (see "duration of rental" below).

If there happens of an accident Continental Credit Hire arranges a replacement vehicle rental on ‘credit’ beneath the basis that Continental Credit Hire can argue the costs back from the third-party insurer who is to supposed to at mistake in the accident. Continental Car Hire with a big fleet of vehicles available to be hired out to those who declared nonfaulty in an accident.

As part of arranging the ‘credit hire,’ each vehicle is insured. These vehicles can also be used for several intentions by the hirer with the proper permissions that is for social, own business use/commercial travelling (sales rep) or for taxi use as long as the third-party insurance accommodate you.

  • Executive Saloons S & E Class Mercedes
  • Normal Saloons VW Passat, Skoda
  • Estates VW Passat
  • People Carriers (MPV’S), VW transporters, VW Sharan, Mercedes Vito, Ford Galaxy, Seat Alhambra, Vauxhall Zafira
  • Medium Cars , Toyota Avensis, Vauxhall Astra
  • Small Cars, Ford Focus, Nissan Micra

Vehicle Management Services

We at Continental represent one of the leading credit and self drive hire providers in and around London and cater for almost all types of credit hire vehicle requirements including Chauffeur and Plated hire vehicles.

Self Drive Hire / Chauffeur Driven Experience: We are London’s leading self drive hire firm having almost every make and model of vehicle in our fleet.
We offer small, saloon, People Carrier, sports and prestige and taxi plated vehicles on very competitive rates.

Replacement Vehicle: We will provide you with a replacement vehicle similar as your own to carry out your normal routine work. A wide range of small, salon, MPV (people Carrier), Prestige and Taxi plated vehicles are available in our fleet.We all take our car with no consideration. It’s constantly there for the faculty run, to pop to the shops – or to take us back and forth to work. It’s now not till it’s taken away that we understand how much we rely on it. So within the unlucky event of you being worried in an accident where your vehicle is so badly damaged that it must be written off or just unroadworthy for PCO purpose, – what might you do? With continental substitute car coverage, we are able to offer you with a substitute Replacement vehicle until your car not get repaired.

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