Continental Car Hire Ltd is one of the leading claims management company in and around London. As a claims management company, we have our in-house state of the art and highly professional claims processing department. We are working since 2004. However, as an integral part of accident management services, we started working as claims management company since July 29, 2008 enabling us to serve our customers from A to Z without any constraint.

Continental Car Hire Ltd is regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities; Its registration is recorded on the website (Also registered with FCA under the registration number 711301). Claims management companies are working in many sectors including Personal Injury, Financial Products & Services, Employment, Criminal Injuries, Housing Disrepair and Industrial Injuries disablement benefits. The total number of authorized claims management companies has fallen year on year to 1,610 in 2016 as per Claims Management Regulators report.

Continental Car Hire Ltd is one of the best claims management company providing all the accident management services and also following all the set rules and regulation by law enforcement authorities.

Claims management company registered with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and works under the MoJ's proposals which relate to all regulated CMCs. for example, personal injury claims, accident claims, and PPI misselling scandal, etc., brought by CMCs on behalf of consumers.

Actually, it is a firm came to the media attention after the disturbance surrounding the PPI misselling scandal plays as mediators among claimants and companies being claimed against. The Claims management company exists to facilitate customers formulate claims of various kinds, dealing with the formalities and clerical particulars for a cost.

Find out, by reading this point, whether or not it’s value you getting in touch with a claims management company or if you could handle making a claim by yourself without paying a fee to a middleman. The Claims management company manages the entire claim for you, representing you and dealing with whatever body it is that you are claiming against,

Continental claims management company diversity of different types of claims like credit hire, vehicle damage, personal injury, recovery, storage, inspection, loss of earning, credit repairs and loss of use of, for a fee that can be a percentage of the final amount or one-off amount, or sometimes both.

A claims management Companies relate to different sort of claims which are supported in coverage disputes, Business disruption, Claim Administrator omission, connection with Insurance Carrier/TPA, loss reporting, loss trending and development, open Claim review, program overflow, reserve analysis, settlement strategy and TPA selection services.

A non-faulty person files a claim to recovers his all damages from third-party with the help of claims management company, sometimes legal formalities build a hassle experience even extra painful.

We have constructed our reputation in accident claims management business through providing a high level of services. We do hard work to protect our clients as much as we can professionally, it shows a gesture that being allied with us will be a surety to recover your losses from third-party when they inspect you.

Continental Management Company is very upright to expedite to the client by moving his reservations from home to the office local to his work. We deal a client proactively and accomplish his credit repairs, give him a hire car, personal injury, storage, recovery, garages, inspection, loss of use and loss of earning.

Many insurance companies contact us for avoiding highly inflated rates rather than have to pay the extravagant rates.

Efficient claims management can be helpful you rescue money, reducing complications. Effective claims management face to all complexities which are being faced if multiple parties involved in the claims process and ensure satisfactorily compensation by all means.

Claims management renders you excellent feature services with an appended benefit of precise turnaround time. With expertise and experienced and well-trained teams, Claims management can handle customers claim with adequately and abandon efficient results.

Claims management renders you excellent feature services besides the benefit of precise turnaround time with the ability and experienced and well-trained teams. Claims management can handle customers claim adequately and deliver efficient results.

Claims management companies have solicitors to deal with personal injury cases under the law of the civil court. The sufferer gets justice and receives reimbursement from the reliable person who is proved guilty or not guilty or penalized for a prison cell.

If you thought about CMC, everybody said think again, since late 2006, all Claims Management Companies have been under-investigated and regulated by the Ministry of Justice.

Keep contact with us today you will be able to take an immediate choice on whether you have injuries claim worth pursuing, quick to know about the length of the process as well that how much return you may receive.

One significant distinction you may notice while working with us is that once your case is accepted, you will be in the position to hassles free. We have a convenient mechanism of compensation claims for customers facilitations.

Mostly claims management companies refer your case to another company for further proceeding and convince to the clients just as like they do their own. We have an advanced IT system that helps us to notify our clients on times of their compensation claim respectively.

Now you can contact us whatever your requirement, we will keep you informed regarding your queries via phone, email, SMS, and letter during the claims process and put you in direct contact with the legal legislator, who will handle your case. We have 100% sovereignty too, so our only priority is to your assistance.

Many Claims Management Companies dealings with financial matters have been dispensed warning about upfront fees and misleading statement or have their license canceled or suspended by the MOJ.

The Continental Management Company acts as a wing of your accidental risk management team. Costs are controlled and exposures reduced by having a party representing your interest that acts independently from the constraints of the policy among Insured and Carrier. As like the advocate, the Continental Claims Management Company provides technical knowledge, management tools, administrator mistake, and coverage interpretation. Continental claims management Company examples of services include different heads which were mentioned already.

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