"Courtesy Car Replacement"

In different situations when you are not in place to use your own vehicle for a while, for instance, if your vehicle is being serviced, repaired, or if you have fallen in an accident.We do our best to keep you transportable by providing a temporary replacement vehicle to those who non-fault in an accident.

Our main concern is responding promptly to your situation and we do our best to provide you with as appropriate replacement vehicle as possible to remain you on the road and keep you movable.

For further query, you can ask a question and get an answer to your query promptly.

"Accident Claims Management Company"

Continental Credit Hire Company one of the most known and obliging Accident Claims Management Company in England and facilitate to the clients who involve an in-car accident and authenticated innocent. Continental Car Hire has been functioning since 2004 having different heads for facilitation of the clients which are credit hire, credit repair, personal injury, recovery, garages, inspection, loss of earning, loss of use.

Continental Credit Hire Company providing courtesy replacement cars like, to like to those who committed in a non-fault accident. We should drive safe and follows the set of laws by the traffic rule to save our equipment, money, and life, as well if someone following road traffic accident contact to Continental Credit Hire.

Many competitors are working in a credit hire market but Continental Claims Management Company presenting diligent services to the clients with any delay after taking clients responsibilities to fulfill from third-party at the earliest.

Continental Car Accident Claims management services is always make you a hassle free when providing a courtesy replacement vehicle. You can enjoy our well-mannered staff services to efficiently help you and as a courtesy car service provider we always assure, you will be pleased and most enjoy with our quality like, to like replacement vehicle.

"Precautionary Measures"

Rules and regulations are a fundamental priority for enduring in the England. Everyone needs to commit himself adopting a set of laws by all means.

Accidents ratio can be decreased by the implement of law strictly through instructing traffic rules and most importantly, some workshop must design to aware of traffic rules and life importance. Many people can not endure their activities timely, some of them in hustle every time, seek to find objects, not despair to obey law religiously, they revolve in critical dangers.

After damaging event, we intend to proceed ahead carefully follow the appropriate procedures as we can to avoiding the hassle but why do not we execute strategies to escape before from damaging events. Nowadays all attempt to obtain everything without any stresses to grow million years shortly, involve themselves unusual offensive activities.

Wicked stuff can occur to anyone in their life though we must take precautionary steps to depreciate these unfortunate things with the proper management and following settled rules for the further comfortable best survivor.

"The Best Storage Service"

Continental Credit Hire presents numerous sorts of services to those who are innocent in a not at fault accident. Our self-storage can set all your vehicle storage needs, from fully embraced space to ensure reliable storage and everything in between having a solution for your requirements so feel free to store your vehicles in the safe and secure environment and free up your own garages.

"Let go of the fear of abandonment/ Let go of yesterday and tomorrow"

Basically, we all desire for connection. But when fear of abandonment starts to rule our lives we make very untenable choices. I strive to believe that what is meant to be will appear. And no matter how matters turn out, we’ll get out of it.

And finally, how can we find true happiness if we are loaded down with the gear of the past or fear of the future? Once I learned to let go of some of the above, I started to focus intentionally on today and now. Abruptly, music and beauty emerged from what was previously normal. Is there a better way to find true happiness? Letting go of something that is fixed in our minds for years is tough. In many of them experience, even when they do manage to let go of something some of the time, at other times, it comes right back. In the end, it’s the journey that matters, right.

So, what will you let go of today?.

"What No Win No Fee Means"

In the object of accident claims, you notice many claims management and solicitors in the UK now who are ready to carry your case on a ‘no win no fee’ footing. What ‘no win no fee’ means is, if the claims management and solicitors do not win the claim for you, you do not pay the solicitor’s fees.

When you and claims management company get into such a contract, it typically means that they are like to allow you a service while reaching all legitimate features of your position. You do not acquire any upfront costs at all. If the claims management and solicitors get the chance in your case considering the risk of collapse or win, you will not be expected to pay a ‘success fee or collapse fee’ All compensations are recovered by the third-party.

21 Comments to “Blog”

  1. James says : Reply

    Had a superb experience beside Continental. In fact, best credit hire company into London and happy to appreciate that now you incorporating quite the England.

  2. admin says : Reply

    Thank you, James

  3. Rechard Wilson says : Reply

    Are you guy’s capable of providing a similar replacement?

  4. admin says : Reply

    Yes, Mr.Rechard Wilson, we aspire too dense rendering similar vehicles.

  5. Rechard Wilson says : Reply

    How much maximum time needed for a replacement vehicle and please tell me, do you provide bike replace as well?

    1. admin says : Reply

      After the conclusion of Some official requirements, we are equipped to surrender the vehicle as your providing location.

    2. admin says : Reply

      We presenting just courtesy car services only not the bike.

  6. Rocky says : Reply

    Sir, I have committed in an accident two day before, having some crackups on my driver side and a policeman on the road was saying you are not able to mobile now, If I do contact to you now could you afford me a vehicle today by all means.

  7. admin says : Reply

    HI Rocky, Hope You are fine.
    Yes, we can:
    send required documents at your earliest after the endorsement you will be in a position with the replacement vehicle. For PCO case documents are mentioned below.
    1 Driving Licence
    2 PCO Driving Licence
    3 PCO Vehicle Licence
    4 Log Book
    5 Insurance Certificate
    6 NI No. /Counterpart
    7 MOT
    Along with claims form, accident circumstance and sketch needs to be mention of it
    For necessary please call as soon as possible.

  8. Rocky says : Reply

    I have been communicated over the phone as well by your representative. I have sent documents through Whatsapp as your requirements.

  9. Rechard Wilson says : Reply

    Thank you so much for briefing accordingly toward my query, I am working as the insurance broker, will reach you as per necessity and hope we will build a good relation among both of us.

  10. Frendo says : Reply

    How many vehicle do you have guy’s? can you offer council plates as well.

    1. admin says : Reply

      We have more than 300 modernized fleets 16/17, offer nationwide services and can also provide Council plates as per client need.

  11. Dexter says : Reply

    Let go of draining, unhealthy relationships.
    Last year I suffered an accident and received continental replacement vehicle & services for claims as well, had good experience with Continental Car Hire. We are the average of the people we hang out with, and if they are frequently negative, it becomes hard for us to maintain an attitude of gratitude. It’s been a tough call to distance myself from people in my life who were bringing me down, but it was necessary to move on.

    1. admin says : Reply

      Mr.Dexter We are here to facilitate not at fault clients 24/7. Thankfulness for response

  12. Michal Gerog says : Reply

    How much time will you demand the fulfillment of claim

    1. admin says : Reply

      Good Evening Mr. Michal Gerog! One significant distinction you may notice while working with us is that once your case is accepted, you will be in the position to hassles free. We are working with the convenient mechanism of compensation claims, mostly claims management companies refer your case to another company for the further proceeding.

  13. Michal Gerog says : Reply

    Thank you, Well actually, my claim is under proses of you guys.

    1. admin says : Reply

      Wait sir, we will let you know regarding your case over the phone today.

  14. Rohit says : Reply

    If I demand for range rover is this possible?

    1. admin says : Reply

      Thank You Mr. Rohit, Continental Car Hire strives to provide like for like replacement services if you found non guilty in not at fault accident

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